Do You Know The Lyrics?

Do You Know The music? do you know the lyrics?? find out here!! most of the lyircs are songs anyone will know but some are a little bit more hard!!!!!!

Do you know the answers though ? will you get 100% ? maybe you should... well only of course if you know the lyrics!! Take this quiz now!!! Its Awesome

Created by: andy521958
  1. "Cuz the worlds burned up and ____________"
  2. Oh my god becky look at her _____
  3. I'll never be ur ____________
  4. Are you looking down upon me, are you _______ of who i am?
  5. Its my ______ i'll get hii if i want to.
  6. It was my decision to get ______. I did it for me.
  7. I'm feeling like I'm famous The talk of the_____
  8. Now and then I think of all the times you _______ me over
  9. That's why I'm leaving you______
  10. I'm gonna marry the night I'm not gonna ______ anymore
  11. So dance, dance, like it's the last, last ______ of your life, life
  12. This is the part of me that your never gonna ever ________.
  13. But hold your breath Because tonight will be the night that I will ______ for you Over again

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Quiz topic: Do I Know The Lyrics?