do you know the game five nights at freddys

This is a horror game where animatronics are possed by evil children spirits. Hope you lil the game. Are you a pro at it or not? Figure it out. Comment and rate.

Are you a pro at the game? Do you know the game? Figure it out if you know the game very well or you just don't? Some may seem the right answer but aren't right.

Created by: diamondlover1

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the setting of the game?
  2. Who murdered the five kids?
  3. Who is the fifth child
  4. Who caused "the bite of 87"?
  5. Who created the game?
  6. Where was the child bitten?
  7. What does Freddy carry in his hand?
  8. What does chica carry?
  9. What is Freddy's eye color
  10. What are chicas eye color
  11. What are foxys eye color
  12. What are bonnies eye color
  13. What are golden freddies eye color
  14. Hope you like it. Please comment and rate. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Do I know the game five nights at freddys