Do You Know Stuff About Me?

Ok there are very few People who listen to people or read stuff about them, I want to see if you know alot about me! This is a quiz, only for fun, or if your just plain bored. Heck I was bored to make it!!

Do YOU know about me? Do you even know who I am?? well whatever the case mabey I would read up and and rememeber everything I have told you!!!! cause here in a second we're about to find out!

Created by: Kristen

  1. When is my Birthday (comon its on my myspace page!)
  2. How old am I?
  3. What is my middle name?
  4. What is my mommy's name?
  5. What is my Daddy's name?
  6. How many pet(s) do i have? (including brothers)
  7. Am i cool?
  8. Do I own a computer or laptop? and is it Mac or PC
  9. What is my faviorite drink?
  10. What is my dork brother's name?
  11. Do I have a BF?
  12. What is my faviorote "reality" TV show?
  13. Who is my least favorite Teacher?
  14. What is my name on "world of warcraft?"
  15. if you missed like every single one..i let you have "some" points (pick yes)
  16. who was my first Bf?
  17. What was the most saddest thing that happened to me?
  18. Most coolest thing i can do! (i can't do all of these)
  19. What is my faviorote Icecream?
  20. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Stuff About Me?