Do You Know Sparky?

Do you know Stray to Hero? Maybe you do and maybe you don't, but if you take this test you'll be surprised by how much you know Stray to Hero, or how much you don't know about it.😀

Stray to Hero is one of my playlist on YouTube. Also, I have more playlists on YouTube. Feel free to watch all of them. I hope you enjoy my test. Good luck!😄

Created by: raeionna12
  1. What kind of dog is Sparky?
  2. What color is he?
  3. Who does Sparky like?
  4. What did Bella give Sparky, and what color was it?
  5. Who is Sparky's friend?
  6. Sparky went on a journey up a mountain to...
  7. What is the name of the mountain Sparky climbed?
  8. Was there ever a cat chef in the playlist?
  9. Was there a dragon in any part of the playlist?
  10. Is Sparky a stray or a pet?
  11. Does Sparky become famous at the end of the playlist?
  12. Have you seen " Stray to Hero "?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Sparky?