Do You Know Shinobi's Past??

Shinobis a very extravert character. he has alot of pain, agony, adventure and happiness under his belt. Shinobi can blow you away with all of his favorite things. He's complex, but we love him anyways.

How much do you think you know about Shinobi?? Do you know all of the dirty little details that make him who he is??? Or do you just go along cluelessly in life without knowing??? Its rather interesting what he has behind him. See what you know!!

Created by: Tara
  1. What age did Shinobi get his trademark facial scars??
  2. What is Shinobis favorite color??
  3. What does the scar say on Shinobis back??
  4. Who was Shinobis first love?
  5. Why did Shara die??
  6. Why does Shinobi hate his father??
  7. Why was Shinobi sent to this world??
  8. What kind of transportation does shinobi have when hes travelling?
  9. How did Shenter and Shinobi begin their relationship?
  10. What is Shinobis big secret??

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Shinobi's Past??