do you know Rachel?

if you Trust in God,believe in others,and hate dishonesty,this is guaranteed to score you an A+ ! I am not lieing ! I am speaking the TRIUMPH DIE of bordom with this quiz!

if you hate God, (maybe) this quiz which i made will score you down to the holy bad dumb putrid ground... to score you an F ! so please do better and love Rachel more.

Created by: mb123

  1. what's her last name?
  2. what was she famous for?
  3. did Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold kill Rachel?
  4. was she shot?
  5. did she live till __?
  6. what school was she at?
  7. how many diaries did she keep?
  8. do you love Rachel? (this counts)
  9. did she earn the Kindness Award?
  10. TELL THE TRUTH! ( this totally counts!) R U Kind?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Rachel?