Do you know my mind?

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Welcome. Uuuuhhhh. I don't know what to say so juuuuuust take the quiz. :o Why are you reading this?!? Speaking of panda bears, how is the weather there?

Warioware is a game look it up idk how to explain it. Ok this is awkward. Special Trophy made of wood of the month award. ...Just...just go. Get out of here.

Created by: Dr. Crygor

  1. Goodnight.
  2. Neck pull
  3. What can't Wario have?
  4. Flan
  5. "Oh! Hello there... I can't reach the jar of cOoKiEs." -Fronk
  6. Orbulon mad
  7. Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
  8. She never plays with dolls and she never combs her hair
  9. 9-Volt's nintendogs game got broken
  10. A, b, c, d, e, f, g
  11. Dr. Crygor is severely irritated with Fronk because of a dream. He understands it wasn't real, but he is TICKED.
  12. Orbulon drank hot sauce
  13. Haze! Orbulon is...
  14. How did the Wario play piano?
  15. Why was Orbulon spitting image of sunglasses?
  16. I heard a rooster.
  17. How old is Dr. Crygor?
  18. What is Mike's favorite food?
  19. What is Dr Crygor's favorite color?
  20. Jimmy T . . .
  21. Dr. Crygor hates _____.
  22. Orbulon
  23. Kick our 1 person!
  24. Who wants attention?
  25. Who has disco fever?
  26. Do you like this quiz?
  27. It'sa Wario time!
  28. In my lab I've created the ultimate singing robot! Help me name him...
  29. How many notes are after the 13 steps before the second verse of Dr. Crygor's theme song in Megamix?
  30. Decipher the code! 926862852852868628628628626886286286286386286288628628638686386386383863863683688638638636838686385flegh meep beep pomg
  31. Who bakes?
  32. Penny and Crygor both have so much in common. Bot not one of these options. Can you find out which one is a lie?
  33. What's l
  34. Crygor
  35. Flex flex!
  36. Thanks, crocodile
  37. Dropy?
  38. Ashley's partner?
  39. 1+1
  40. I'm tired

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Quiz topic: Do I know my mind?