do you know NFL history

There are alot of people that know everything about football and will do anything to prove it. there are many people that are walking statistions, and have the right to argue with people that dont know what they are talking about or when there wrong.

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE? if so prove it by taking this quiz, but let me warn you these are extremly hard questions and will take all your NFL knowledge to answer them. If you get a good score tell your friends if you dont study up on NFL history and take it again tell your friends to take it see if they really know as much as they say they do.

Created by: bob

  1. What 2 teams were the first NFL teams to ever play.
  2. What team did the Steelers beat 2 times in the super bowl.
  3. The Cowboys have been to 5 superbowls
  4. What coach as the all time winning record.
  5. the season of the first superbowl how many games were played per season.
  6. what season did brett farve start playing.
  7. Who has been to the most superbowls
  8. Before the dallas cowboys what team belonged to dallas but only played for the 1952 season.
  9. Larry Zonka played for the Dolphins
  10. Before the colts went to indianapolis what city did they belong to.

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Quiz topic: Do I know NFL history