Do You Know Naruto?

You say you know anime but you really dont know anything! You're just a poor coward under that skin pretending to be an anime fan! you go with the flow but dont sail!

you arent a failure? you do know anime left to right? PROVE IT! take this test! prove you know about Naruto! yeah go study it and then come back and find your ranks from chunin to hokage! and help us fight the forces of Orochimaru!

Created by: HinataHyuga

  1. Who is Naruto's Dad
  2. Who likes Sauske
  3. Beat Rock Lee
  4. Jeriyah can summon what pet
  5. Sauske biggest rival
  6. Loves Zabuza
  7. Orochimaru is
  8. Neji hates Hinata Because..
  9. Jeriyah trains...
  10. Tsunade trains..

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Naruto?