Do you know me? (Insane guessing game)

This is an insane guessing game. You have to guess a lot about me. And some of you might even know me! But try your best on this hard guessing game quiz about me.

I took my time on this quiz and the questions are out of the blue! I don’t even know where I got most of them. Have fun and your best on this quiz!!!!

Created by: Emotionlessdemon

  1. Did you read the 2 paragraphs before this question? Do it now if you haven’t please.What’s my top 5 fav colors?
  2. How many biological siblings do I have?
  3. What’s my gender?
  4. What do I want to fight for?
  5. What’s my favorite show?
  6. What’s my favorite movie?
  7. What sport do I play?
  8. What’s my favorite school subject or class?
  9. What’s my favorite family show?
  10. What’s my favorite game?
  11. What’s my favorite game show?
  12. Which Warriorcat out of these is my favorite?
  13. Which warriorcat do I hate the most?
  14. What’s a secret I’m keeping from everybody?
  15. Last question, how do think u did?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me? (Insane guessing game)