Do you know me?

So, this is my third quiz, and this time it's too see how well you know me. Remember that this is just for fun, so don't take it seriously if you do know me.

Do YOU know me? If so, how well? This quiz will tell you, in just a few clicks. I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to rate and comment when you're finished.

Created by: EpicPanda727

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  1. What is my real name?
  2. Where do I live?
  3. When is my birthday?
  4. What date is my birthday?
  5. What are my lucky numbers?
  6. Who is my best friend?
  7. Who do I have a HUGE crush on?
  8. My favourite soccer club?
  9. What's my favourite colour?
  10. What's my favourite video game?
  11. How old am I?
  12. What's my favourite food?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?