Do you know me?

Hey I just made this quiz out of boredom. Also my status bar is mocking me whenever I look at. I'm trying to be a joiner. And it would be cool to see how many people know me.

Yes like I said before.nplease take my quiz now,so my bar shall mock me no more. Destroy the mocking novice bar! Lease,for me! Please do it for me. Thanklies

Created by: SilverTree

  1. What's my favorite color?
  2. What movie do I love?
  3. What shows do I obesse over?
  4. What do I like to say?
  5. What element do I like the most
  6. Do I write poems?
  7. Do I like reading or writing better?
  8. What is the last series I finished?
  9. Do I have any friends offline?
  10. Do you think you know me?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?