Do you know like what I am?

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"Are you my friend? Are you know who I am and my real identify? Try this quiz, maybe you know who I am!" hfhdfh I jfjsdjxfbh science jcdjksbchf love fjdjsfhhjd!

Created by: Camilla Hudson

  1. What's my gender?
  2. What's my blood type?
  3. What colour my hair?
  4. What my eyes colour?
  5. What's my Zodiac?
  6. Am I cleaver? What score and grade I am?
  7. What's my favourite season?
  8. What's my favourite colours?
  9. My real name is no "Cathy", but is a common name too. What is it?
  10. Am I love school?
  11. My personality...
  12. What's my absen number?
  13. What's my class name?

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Quiz topic: Do I know like what I am?