Do you know kannada nadu

Hello friend do you know about KARNATAKA. it is a state situated in india KARNATAKA is a beauti ful state which has so many diversities and the population is more than 6 crore . And we all ready gathered seven Ganapeeta prasasti. So please attend this test . And show your love towards KANNADA if you want to show your gineousnes attend this test

Are you a real Kannadiga. And want to test your knowledge about KARNATAKA. Take this test and show you préeti towards kannada i have included very simple questions. I hope a real kanndga can score 100 out of 100

Created by: Shivamahi

  1. Who wrote Malegalalli madumagalu
  2. Which is the garden city of Karnataka
  3. Who is the first chief minister of Karnataka
  4. Which is the first native dynasty of Karnataka
  5. How many Gynanapeeta awards were given to Karnataka
  6. Jog falls is in the------district
  7. The book Chidambara rahasya is written by
  8. who got Dada saheb palke award in KANNADA film industry
  9. Which is the heritage city of Karnataka
  10. K.R.S is in ----- district

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Quiz topic: Do I know kannada nadu