Do you know if you like the hunger games?

Tell your friends if you got a high percentage and havn't seen the movie. Just ya check out my other quiz on the search ''Would you survive a zombie apocalypse'' and thanks for taking the quiz.

Hope you passed my quiz hoped you like it i'll make more soon you know please comment and tell your friends you know how it is. So ya just thanks alot for taking the quiz.

Created by: indyjd

  1. Do you like violent and gory stuff?
  2. Do you like some kissy stuff?
  3. Do you like kids fighting to the death for fun?
  4. Do you like someone snaping necks?
  5. Do you like a 12 year old girl dieing?
  6. How about a wasp that can kill you?
  7. Do you like people being put into mutations?
  8. How bout berries that can instanly kill you?
  9. Do you like the name Kado
  10. How bout 22 kids between the ages 12-18 dieing for fun?
  11. Do you like knifes being thrown at you?

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Quiz topic: Do I know if you like the hunger games?