Do you know horses?

If you think you know horses, well, take this quiz to see if you really are. You night know dogs, birds, fish or cats, but do you REALLY know horses?

Do YOU know horses? Test your brain to this test. Take this quiz-when you're done, you'll know if you really ARE a genius on horses, or not. Ready, ok. Let's go

Created by: Syd

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  1. How many barrels are there in a barrel racing competition?
  2. Name a type of jump.
  3. Which names western tack?
  4. Which are breeds of horses?
  5. Which do you do in Western?
  6. Who was Secratariat?
  7. What are the races in the triple crown?
  8. What do you use to exercise your horse?
  9. What makes a horse fat?
  10. How old do most horses live to?

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Quiz topic: Do I know horses?