Do you know Friday Download?

If you like Friday Download you have came to the right place because this is a quiz all about that show and it's presenters. Whether you are a Wiskerette or a Seareal come along and test yourself!

Do you think you are a Downloader? Do you know everything about the show? Normally you'd have to find out yourself but with this quiz I can tell you if you are or not

Created by: HlovesDC_quizzes

  1. What year was the first episode of Friday Download?
  2. Who were the first presenters of the show?
  3. What foods does Richard Wisker hate the most?
  4. Did Shannon Flynn ever go out with Richard Wisker?
  5. When is George Sear's birthday?
  6. What song did the Friday Download presenters (excluding one) dance to in George's first episode?
  7. Who wasn't dancing then?
  8. What was George's download called?
  9. Which presenters share a birthday?
  10. What song was normally sung at the end of Face Off Download when a presenter or guest lost?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Friday Download?