Do You Know Enough of Ever After High?

There are many Ever After High things, but do you know them all? Find it out as soon as you finish this quiz! But wait,there's more! But it's all saved.

Do you know all fairytale futures? Well wait and see!Magic is inside you so continue! We know you know something, but you'll have to see! Ever After High, where princesses are powerful!

Created by: Elke Sage

  1. Who is Blondie's roomate?
  2. Who messed up Legacy Day practice first?
  3. In what chapter was Ginger Breadhouse introduced?
  4. What is the name of Hunter's squirrel?
  5. Who went to the Forest Fest with Blondie?
  6. Who can't lie?
  7. What is the name of Daring's sister?
  8. Who has a secret?
  9. Who is the craziest?
  10. Who's "Dragon Games" team was Raven on?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Enough of Ever After High?