Do you know awesome88?

Hello guys I made this quiz to see if you know me or not. That's cool if you do but if you ge 85-100 don't worry bout it. Recently I made a quiz and somebody took what I said offenvely. The pwrson wrote: 9% well if looking at me makes you want to vomit tben take a good look cause I'm not going anywhere. I whould like to say I'm sorry.

Do you know me? Make sure to comment when you finish! I totally love it when people comment. Thanks for taking the quiz. I really apreciate it. Once again thank you.

Created by: awesome88

  1. What's my favrite color?
  2. What's my favrite tv show!?
  3. What hair style do I have?
  4. What color eyes do I have?
  5. What's my favrite videogame?
  6. Who's my fave anime charecter?
  7. Out of achart how random am I?
  8. Do I wear glasses?
  9. What's my fave type of music?
  10. What's my fave genre of book?

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Quiz topic: Do I know awesome88?