Do You Know Aunt Shumma?

Ok Ok OK OK so Aunt shumma is my aunt and her husband, Dorothy, is my sandwich. Aunt Shumma's BFS (best friend sometimes)is Dorothy. Aunt Shumma's husband and Friend are different PEOPLE!

Lets find out if YOU know aunt shumma as well as i do or more, or less or in the middle of in between. now aunt shumma is my aunt shumma. so lets find out if YOU know aunt shumma or not

Created by: cutiey123

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  1. hi im aunt shumma, who is my husband that i married 6 times and divorced 5 times. no wait, now i will divorce him again...he ate my Chinese food.
  2. Who is my best friend?
  3. What does papaw Earl do that Aunt Shumma doesn't like?
  4. Who is Aunt Shumma's niece?
  5. Who is Aunt Shumma's mama?
  6. Where does Aunt Shumma keep the mayo?
  7. What accent does Aunt Shumma have?
  8. What makes Aunt Shumma's hands dry?
  9. Is Aunt Shumma a good singer?
  10. Does Aunt Shumma have a pet?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Aunt Shumma?