Do you know Ariana Grande?

There are many fans of many celebrities, but very few TRUE fans. Only a TRUE fan would know anything about any celebrity. Are you a fan? Of course you are. But are you a TRUE fan?

This quiz has tricky questions about Ariana Grande. Do you know these odd facts about her? Well, let's see. But first, I've got a quesadilla coming, so could you please wait till it gets here?

Created by: KitKat7500
  1. What is her hometown?
  2. Her sign?
  3. High school is...
  4. Fav book..
  5. Food...
  6. Car
  7. Word
  8. Talent
  9. Will kick your butt in:
  10. Did you cheat on google
  11. Bai Bai!

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Quiz topic: Do I know Ariana Grande?