Do You Know Akward? (From MTv)

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do you love akward or hate it or are you in the mix and have no clue as to how you feel about it. if so this is or was the quiz for you. go on ahead and take my quiz

take my quiz its almost as super awesome as you are. it will be awesome if you take it though that would make me happy. :) you wouldnt wan ta :( now would you. dont forget to rate and comment.

Created by: music monster J

  1. Who is the main charecter?
  2. Who was with Jenna first
  3. How did this whole thing start?
  4. Who wrote the letter to Jenna?
  5. Why did Jenna dump Matty?
  6. Why did Jennas dad leave?
  7. when does the show come on?
  8. why did Jenna do the once opon a blog thing?
  9. What did the Julies say to jenna in the hall?
  10. which team are you on?
  11. are you going to comment?
  12. are you going to rate?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Akward? (From MTv)