Do you know 70's music

there are many music lovers, but few true music lovers. after all being a music lover is quite exceptional. what is a music lover? a music lover is addicted to music.and knows all about different tipes of music

Are you a music lover do you have what it takes to become the totaly rocker man. Well though this quiz you will find out just how much you really know about music and if your not a poser than i think you will do just fine

Created by: tanner

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  1. who wrote schools out
  2. What was purple haze about?
  3. Was woodstock in 1973?
  4. 2112 was a?
  5. was acdc in the 70's?
  6. led zeppelins first album was in?
  7. was pinball wizerd weten by elton john?
  8. magic carpit ride was writen by
  9. easy rider was a
  10. tiny dancer was about

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Quiz topic: Do I know 70's music