Do you have what it takes to do karate?

There are a lot of people that think Karate is the easiest thing ever. Or not the easiest but not really hard at all. It is sometimes true.

Do you want to learn somethings, like how Karate really is, or what you have to do? Well take this quiz to find out! Maybe you'll be great or maybe not...

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  1. Would you be able to do jumping jacks for at least 40 seconds?
  2. Can you do 20 reversal sit ups?
  3. Can you do mountain climbers for at least 40 seconds?
  4. Can you pay attention?
  5. Did you look back for answer three?
  6. The last two questions were to see if you where paying attention. Can you punch really hard?
  7. Are you respectful?
  8. Do you have good manners?
  9. Do you know what Osu means in Japanese?
  10. Do you know what Dojo means in Japanese?
  11. Does Karate help you protect yourself from things?

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Quiz topic: Do I have what it takes to do karate?