Do you have what it takes to date a nerd?

Not everybody wants to date a nerd. It is not easy to do, even though the majority of the populace assumes that the nerds are socially inept and would date anybody who was willing.

You know that is not correct though. It is a challenge to date a nerd. They can be somewhat socially inept, or they can be the most adept person ever. No two nerds are the same. The nerd template I used is based off of me, a well rounded nerd. However, if the nerd you seek is not a gamer at all, then you probably should not attempt this quiz.

Created by: kwilson0411
  1. For recreation, what do you prefer?
  2. If you are a gamer, what type of game do you prefer
  3. Its time for a date, who should pay?
  4. Is there a difference between nerd and geek?
  5. Is the following sentence punctuated correctly? "It would not be the first time; he is known to be susceptible."
  6. Of the following gaming consoles which is the oldest?
  7. Are you a nerd or a geek?
  8. Of the following things, which is the most important
  9. The world as we know it has ended, and you have to help repopulate the world. What type of person should you choose to reproduce with?
  10. Stereotypically you would be categorized as a:
  11. Pick one, (This does effect your score by the way)
  12. Do you want to date a nerd?
  13. If you want to date a nerd, why?
  14. Finish the sentence: "In a relationship looks are _____"
  15. About the previous question, it:

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Quiz topic: Do I have what it takes to date a nerd?