do you have triskaidekaphobia?

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some people have a certain disease called triskaidekaphobia. this means you are afraid of the number between 12 and 14. or to others (PRE-WARNING IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE THIS DISEASE)the number 13.

do you have triskaidekaphobia? do you at least think you have triskaidekaphobia? i dare you to try to pronounce it. you'll figure out how to pronounce it in the quiz. your welcome.

Created by: cheese1234

  1. do you know what triskaidekaphobia means?
  2. what do you think of friday the 13th?
  3. what happened on Friday october 13, 1307?
  4. what do you think of the number 13?
  5. when was the term Triskaidekaphobia first used?
  6. what happens when you have triskaidekaphobia?
  7. where did you first hear of this disease?
  8. 13!!!
  9. THIRTEEN!!!!!!!
  10. what is 6.5x2?
  11. do you know what number this question is?
  12. goodbye!
  13. oh! wait a minute. i forgot to tell you how to pronounce it. here ya go! tris-kuh-dek-uh-foh-bee-uh.

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Quiz topic: Do I have triskaidekaphobia?