do you have good taste in games?

this quiz was made to see if you really are a true gamer and not a poser if you are this quiz will tell and when you take it dont look the answers up on the internet cause you wont find them.

this quiz is not to tell you if you should play games or not its just to tell if you really know how much you think you know about games.

Created by: raemond

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. would you rather play rpg games or fps games?
  2. whitch would you rather play?
  3. how many games do you own
  4. which would you rather have?
  5. what is the best game of all time?
  6. what is the main character in zelda?
  7. what is a finishing move called in mortal combat
  8. where do you start out at in zelda oot?
  9. who is the main character in super mario?
  10. how many controler slots does a nintendo 64 have?
  11. how many races or in skyrim
  12. what does it do to you when you pickup the master sword in zelda oot?

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Quiz topic: Do I have good taste in games?