Do you have good friends?

Most people have many friends, and often have disagreements with them. A friend needs to have many aspects to really be a friend, or to be a special friend. if your does well in this test you will know how good they are too you!

Have you had an argument with your friend/s? Find out how good a friend/s they really are, and the sort of attitudes and traits best friends really have.

Created by: Freddie
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  1. Are you in a group or do you have a best friend
  2. How often do they want to hang out with you.
  3. how supportive are they rating out of 5. 1=most supportive, 5=never supportive.
  4. Are they ever preoccupied or wishing they were elsewhere.
  5. Do they have "cooler" friends but still chill with you.
  6. Do they ever bad mouth you?
  7. Are they a one upper? If you do something good do they need to beat it
  8. Are they a copycat?
  9. Do they ever yell at you or be abusive
  10. Do they ever mooch off you?
  11. Do you see them if they get a bf/gf?
  12. do they make fun of you?
  13. Do you have common interests?
  14. How long have you been close with them?

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Quiz topic: Do I have good friends?