How well do you know me

This is simply a quiz for my friends, to know how well they know me ^^ but feel free to take it the questions aren't too hard but some questions are for long term or good friends, I hope you all have fun an get a good score

So how well do you know me my good friends, try and see, and be honest to me about your answers :) I wont eat you I know this quiz is hard in places but just think of who I am and take the option that relates to me most :)

Created by: sharmane1337
  1. What is the nickname I gave to my website?
  2. Name my two pets (this should be an easy one)
  3. Name my most loved game
  4. What is the name of the fan fic I am currently writing?
  5. My fave singer isssss (or band)
  6. What does my neopets username stand for (keep in mind its JAFC)
  7. What is the name I gave to my PC?
  8. Name my sister that I love
  9. Who do I love? ... out of male actors! hehehehehe -tormenttormenttorment-
  10. Let me get a bit harder my site is called The Magical Realms of Lore, what was its OLD name?
  11. If I say, ever had a child, (girl namely) What is the name I always say I would use?
  12. My nickname is....?
  13. Ok, if you don't know this one... I will cry, when is my birthday?
  14. On the site neopets (If you don't go on this site then just guess :P) what is my fave avatar?
  15. FINAL QUESTION WHEEEE What am I most afraid of?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me