Are you friends, acquaintances, or in the middle?

Ever have that one person you didn't know what to call? You liked them, but you weren't sure if you were friends or not. Then this quiz may help you.

There are many types of relationship. There are our friends-the people we hang out with on an almost daily basis, can trust, and look out for, our acquaintances-people we know, but don't spend much time with, and our casual friends-those who are in between.

Created by: Jackie
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  1. How long have you known this person?
  2. Have you always been close?
  3. Do you know a lot of this person's interests?
  4. Could you trust this person with a secret?
  5. If you were in trouble, would you call this person for help?
  6. How often do you speak with this person?
  7. What do your conversations with this person consist of?
  8. Have you ever complained/ranted to this person about something?
  9. Do you know important people in this person's life? Members of their family, significant others, etc?
  10. Do you hang out with this person outside of school/work?
  11. Have you ever spoken to them via the internet? Why?
  12. Do you enjoy their company?

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Quiz topic: Am I friends, acquaintances, or in the middle?