Do you have Germiphobia?

There are many people that are scared of germs...i'm not afraid of admitting that i am germaphobic, and all my friends know. So if you are germaphobic, don't be shy about are unique in your own way...maybe not the ways your friends are unique, but you are unique!

Do YOU have Germaphobia??? Take this quiz to find out if you are germaphobic!!!!! Thanks to this great quiz, you will soon find out if you are!!!!

Created by: Shannon

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  1. Do you wash your hands before you eat a meal or a snack?
  2. Do you have hand sanitizer in your purse or locker?
  3. After you use the restroom, do you wash your hands?
  4. If your with your guy friends, and they just come out of the bathroom, do you freak out and think that they didn't wash their hands?
  5. After being in public, and you just get home, do you change out of that clothes into different clothes, because those clothes have germs?
  6. Do you wash your hands constantly?
  7. When riding on a bus, do you make sure that your hands don't touch the seat because there's germs on the seat?
  8. Do you wash your face everyday?
  9. If a friend has a soda, and offers you a sip, do you drink from the same straw?
  10. Was this quiz retarded?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Germiphobia?