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  • I am sorry if You may have depression D:58% 58%

    You have just over 50 50 chance of Depression! Its okay though because even if you are sad there's always something out there that wants you and is rooting for you. :) A Joke: Have you ever heard the joke about Pizza? I can't tell it! It's so cheesy! xD

  • I am sorry if You may have depression D:38% 38%

    You have a lot of bad days but then it goes good, Like me! We can be Twins! :D I hope you feel better soon! :D A Joke: What do you call a pig that does Karate? A pork chop! XD

    um.maybe its bcs of the much nostalgia i have

  • add me on instagram, its (yyytentacixn) i wanna talk becuz u sound cool LMAO

  • i hv 62% not 100%? i have PTSD


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