Do you have cancer quiz?

Do you think that you or a friend have cancer? Are you looking for a quiz to make sure you do or dont have cancer? Thia is the quiz for you. Lets hope you dont have cancer.

Some of the people on this planet have cancer. It could be because of natural causes or it could just because you are "that guy". If your parents have disowned you take this quiz.

Created by: Nick

  1. Have you ever watched Japanese anime or cartoons?
  2. Have you ever acted like an animal or a furry?
  3. Have you ever watched My Little Pony over the age of 12 years old?
  4. Have you ever gone to any convention having to do with a group?
  5. Do you like minions?
  6. Do you like offensive humor?
  7. Are you a cringey person?
  8. Are you in a chess club
  9. Havie you seen the movie chef?
  10. Are you obsessed with Dr. Who?

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Quiz topic: Do I have cancer quiz?