Do you have bieber fever?

there are many people with bieber fever are you one of those people find out with my AWSOME!! quiz plz rate me thanks in advance enjoy ooo and if you dont pass dont dare to take this quiz ever again

do you have EXTREME bieber so much that you need to go to the doctors office then this is the quiz for you plz comment and rate me thx in advance bye

Created by: kaeleigh

  1. do you have both of justin biebers albums?
  2. what phone does justin bieber have?
  3. which one of these shows has justin not been on?
  4. What is J.B's fan number?
  5. What is J.B's favorite food
  6. What does justin look for in a girl?
  7. Would you ever sell a autographed picture of him on ebay?
  8. What is J.B's dogs name?
  9. How has Justin changed your life?
  10. Do you live 4 justin?

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Quiz topic: Do I have bieber fever?