do you have an elemental affinity?

there are many world traditions that involve the elements. wicca, feng shui, and many other traditions involve elements in some way. there are different systems of elements, some with 4, some with 5, some with even more. this quiz has 7 elements.

this quiz will see if you have an affinity for any of 7 elements. but be warned, this quiz goes deeper than most element quizzes. you will be asked questions about yourself that you might not even know the answer to.

Created by: sunrise
  1. this quiz will see if you have an elemental affinity. there are 7 elements in this quiz. to start, select your favorite of the classic 4 elements.
  2. how would you describe your energy?
  3. choose your favorite color.
  4. now that we started the quiz, there will be a couple different sections of the quiz. the first section is analysis. choose the options that best describe your inner mental processes. you will be asked questions used from other systems of personality analysis.
  5. which sounds most like you?
  6. which sounds most like you?
  7. which best describes how you react to information and projects?
  8. which best describes your opinion?
  9. which best describes how you view life?
  10. which best describes your natural knowledge?
  11. which best describes the way you think?
  12. which best describes the way you are?
  13. which best describes how your mind thinks about things?
  14. which best describes how your brain works?
  15. which do you think about more?
  16. how do you make decisions?
  17. what do you fear you will become?
  18. describe how you are imperfect, but still have good traits.
  19. what are your emotional vices? the important part is the emotion, NOT the things associated with it. for example, gluttony is not just for food.
  20. how would someone else describe you?
  21. the analysis section is finished.
  22. what do you eat most?
  23. imagine you are in a room. there are 7 stones in front of you. one of the stones will allow you to leave the room. you do not know which one. which one do you pick up? follow your intuition.
  24. is there anywhere you like to hang around for seemingly no reason?
  25. do you prefer morning, day, or night?
  26. what is your favorite time of day?
  27. which of these pairs of colors looks best together?
  28. what would you like for a snack?
  29. for some people with elemental affinities, just being around their element can be a serene and peaceful experiance, even if it is in a disaster scenario. do any of these things sound oddly serene despite the fact that they would be very bad?
  30. how do you exercise?
  31. what are your favorite colors?
  32. are you excitable?
  33. what is your default emotion?
  34. what is your favorite movie genre?
  35. what is your favorite holiday?
  36. where would you live if you could?
  37. where would you live if you could?
  38. describe yourself.
  39. where would your ideal vacation be?
  40. what scares you most out of these?
  41. what is your favorite type of weather?
  42. this quiz may be updated to add questions.

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Quiz topic: Do I have an elemental affinity?