Do you have Allergies, or a cold

Have you been feeling lousy lately? I feel you. Sickness and allergies get the best of us. Take this quiz if you feel your symptoms could be an allergic reaction

Or a cold. Honestly, they have very similar symptoms and you may be experiencing really bad allergies and think it's just a cold I hope my quiz helps you!!

Created by: Sydney

  1. Are you sneezing?
  2. Are you coughing
  3. What colour is your nasal discharge
  4. Are you aching?
  5. Do you have a fever?
  6. Does anyone around you have a cold or has had a cold?
  7. Do your family members experience allergies
  8. Were do your symptoms act up the most
  9. Do you have any pets?
  10. , Do you feel chest discomfort?
  11. What season is it
  12. Where do you sneeze the most

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Quiz topic: Do I have Allergies, or a cold