Do You Have a Photic Sneeze? (Sun Sneeze)

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Welcome to the photic sneeze quiz! If you aren’t aware, the photic sneeze is the name for a sneeze that happens when you see the sun or a bright light. 30% of the population has it and it is believed to be genetic.

Ever sneeze when walking outside and you never knew why? Maybe this phenomenon happens to someone you know. No, you aren’t allergic to the sun, you just might have a photic sneeze! Take this test to see if you do.

Created by: Rowan

  1. Are you more prone to sneezing indoors or outdoors?
  2. When coming from a dark place into a light one, you feel...
  3. When you leave a building or room and go into direct sunlight, within the first few seconds you feel...
  4. How often do you sneeze when you go into the sun?
  5. When it comes to sneezing, what’s something that will ALWAYS make you sneeze? (Or at least most of the time)
  6. What season do you sneeze most?
  7. Have you ever noticed that you sneeze when you go outside?
  8. Do either one of your biological parents sneeze when they see the sun or bright light?
  9. Have you ever heard of the photic sneeze reflex before the quiz?
  10. Why did you come here to take this test?

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