Do you have ADHD?

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I have ADHD and that means I can tell if you have it too! That's how it works, right? Well come on down and let me tell you if you can join the ADHD club.

With all my ADHD wisdom, I will tell you if you have this wonderful thing called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Have fun, and stay coooooooool.

Created by: Alesia
  1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how intrusive are your thoughts?
  2. How often do you stay up late?
  3. Do you have trouble staying still?
  4. How did you do in school?
  5. Do you ever make random noises/comments at the worst time?
  6. Are you a talkative person?
  7. Is it difficult for you to focus?
  8. Would you describe yourself as hyper?
  9. Do you start things and leave them unfinished often?
  10. Is it hard for you to listen to people?
  11. Do you lose things a lot?
  12. Can you follow directions easily?
  13. Do you space out a lot?
  14. If I tell you that you have ADHD, what would your reaction be?

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Quiz topic: Do I have ADHD?