Do you have a sense of humor

Lots of people claim to have a sense of humor, but this quiz will test those claims. This is a quiz to see if you truly have a sense of humor. Stiffs beware!

In order to pass this quiz, you will need to choose the most humorous response. But don't be too goofy, or you will get a bad result! Also, please rate and comment.

Created by: AdamTheBaller
  1. This is a quiz to see if you have a sense of humor
  2. Do you have a sense of humor?
  3. do you like pie?
  4. Sports ROCKS!!!
  5. I like frosting. It's the only part of the cake I like
  6. What part of the cake do you like?
  7. Did you know that Albert Einstein invented space?
  8. What sound does a horsey make?
  9. I am almost done with the quiz
  10. SO, how are ye?
  11. FOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I have a sense of humor