do you have a life??

Alrighty.. this is a quick quiz to find out if you have a life or not.. what is having a life? well, take the quiz to see if you have one..or not

do you have a life, or is it all in your head?? well, until reading upon this miracle quiz, you wouln't have ever known!! Now you just have to answer these simple questions.

Created by: marjas

  1. how many times a week do you go out with your friends??
  2. do you have any hobbies??
  3. do you have any friends??
  4. do you like being alone??
  5. do you have a special someone??
  6. do you have a lot of extra time??
  7. do you think this quiz is fun??
  8. are you in any sports??
  9. do you talk to yourself??
  10. do you think you have a life??

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Quiz topic: Do I have a life??