Do You Have a 'Heart-wall'?

There is a very common, (though not yet diagnosable by doctors) condition that has been plaguing most people in our world. So many people have heart-walls (not the tissue that shapes your heart, here the word "wall" is more figuratively applied), and don't even know it.

This quiz may help you self-diagnose, so that you can asses your situation and possibly look into getting some help. These 'walls' are painful, and often keep us from connecting with other people. Being aware of it's presence can help you combat it.

Created by: Amaranth

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever felt afraid to talk to someone, for the fear that they would hurt you, or that you aren't good enough?
  2. Do you ever feel like you are changing yourself to be safe?
  3. Out of these, what do you most want?
  4. Continuation of previous question:
  5. Which of these has been hardest for you to deal with?
  6. What I most like about myself is...
  7. I never want to feel...
  8. Choose:
  9. Choose:
  10. I am:
  11. I need someone who will...
  12. When I am alone, I am...

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Quiz topic: Do I Have a 'Heart-wall'?