Do you have a good sense of humor???

Many people have a sense of humor but not a very good one! maybe you do maybe you dont! pleasetake my quiz to find out! its awesome!!! i promise! have fun and party on forever have a party tonight! yeah baby

are you cool and funny? like a comedian or just that wierd guy in the office? take this quiz to find out!!! also i bet your job sucks! just take the quiz

Created by: mary gray
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  1. Have you ever peed your pants while laughing?
  2. do you make people laugh?
  3. Do you ever dance like youre high just to make people laugh?
  4. would you laugh if someone put a smoke bomb beside your toilet
  5. You only go on youtube to see funny vids??
  6. do you take pix of people doing stupid crap just to laugh about it later?
  7. true or false: paris hilton is really funny, but not like comedian funny
  8. you think you have a since of humor
  9. you hate comedies
  10. you have been told yuo were funny

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Quiz topic: Do I have a good sense of humor???