Do you have a double belly??

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A double belly is the hottest belly and my gf has one and it is super hot and she love it too. This quizz will tell you if you have one or not good luck!!

If you don’t and you want one all you need to do is 1: find the tightest pair of pants in the house that fit you2: put them on slightly over your chubby belly button3: EAT TONS OF FOOD eat until you literally can’t anymore 4: sleep in late as soon as you stop eating go to bed and don’t wake up until 10:005: repeat within a few months you will have a hot sexy chubby double belly;)

Created by: BigGurl420

  1. How old are you if you are under 15 (or a guy)I do not roccomend taking this quizz
  2. How much do you weigh
  3. How many belly rolls to you have
  4. Where are your chubby rolls?
  5. Look down and you see? (Boobs not included)
  6. When you stand up how many rolls do you have ?
  7. Jump does your tummy jiggle?
  8. Where does most of your fat go?
  9. Why do you want a double belly (no effect)
  10. What is you gain goal
  11. What do you call yourself
  12. Sitting, what does your belly look like?
  13. One more after this, what does your boyfriend/ girlfriend say
  14. Last one hope you enjoyed what does your doctor say?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a double belly??