Do YOU hate your teacher?

Do you want to know if YOU hate your teacher? You have found the right quiz! Take it to see your very own answers! This is my first quiz so please no mean comments. Thank You.

Do YOU hate your teacher? Do YOU wish they were fired/dead? Look no further! But, now that you have found this quiz, its a cake walk! Just tap the possible answers to the questions! :)

Created by: Brianna Liss
  1. First, why did you want to do this quiz?
  2. Do you wish your teacher would be fired?
  3. You had to do a computer presentation and your teacher gave you a D. What would you do?
  4. Would you rather: Do dance class, art etc with a different teacher that strict, or the teacher you hate?
  5. You are on a school trip. Your best friend is ill. Would you do: Partner-up with your teacher, join a pair on walk on your own?
  6. This is pointless but, will you comment or rate this quiz? :)
  7. You are in maths, music etc and the fire bell rings. You have to walk in partners. Who do you help to get out of the building?
  8. Its parents evening and you have to go with your parents. Do you go?
  9. So, have you enjoyed this quiz?
  10. Bye! :)

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Quiz topic: Do I hate my teacher?