do you hang out in vegas too much?

this test will tell you about your future in marshfield, it should be pretty interesting to see how you will probley end up, make sure to post the reults on your page so that we can all laugh at you next time we see you!!!!!!

this is the reult of what happens whenyou get bored around here , there is never much to do in this boring ass town!!! i rthink we need more hobby type clubs!!!

Created by: jason
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how often do youy find yourself doing the bar 500 around town
  2. how many days a week do you acctually work?
  3. how many ex's do you see when you go out
  4. what do you drink after hours
  5. how many bars are you barred from?
  6. what kind of drugs have you done
  7. do you live with family still
  8. how often do you go on here to chat with people you see everyday anyways
  9. how often do you say i hate this town
  10. how mad do you get that it takes for ever to get anywhere in town

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Quiz topic: Do I hang out in vegas too much?