How Vegas Are You?

So, You think you know Vegas.. Or you think you are a true Vegan... Well take this quiz and see how well you really know Vegas.. If you are a true Vegan or even Vegan at heart, or if you are just a born sucker...

Do you think You have what it takes to Master the knowledge of Las Vegas? How well do you know Vegas... OR how little do you know Vegas... Its fun and exciting... Are you?

Created by: Amy
  1. You Know How Long The Light At Buffalo and Alta is.
  2. You Know What Las Vegas Weekly Is.
  3. You Know At Least One Person Born and Raised In Las Vegas.
  4. You Know The Name of the Basketball Team of UNLV.
  5. You Know What The Best Ice Cream Shop in Town is.
  6. You think anything below 70 degrees is freezing.
  7. You have met at least one famous person in Vegas.
  8. You are pissed at how long it is taking the Govt. To fix the Rancho 95 Exit.
  9. How Much Rain Do we get a year. Avg.
  10. You think Vegas' Dry Heat Makes a diff.

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Quiz topic: How Vegas am I?