Do you care about school?

Do you care about school? Maybe you think it's a waste of time and it sucks, or maybe you take great pride in it. This quiz will answer your question. Are you a Schoolkid, Semi-Schoolkid, or Anti-Schoolkid? Take it now!

Do you think you really care? Take this quiz and find out! Maybe it will affect your life. Maybe it won't. Do you have what it takes to be a Schoolkid? We'll see about that!

Created by: Hillary Sanders

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  1. Do you often miss the school bus (or any form of transportation you have) on purpose?
  2. Do you get good grades?
  3. You are taking an exam. What speed do you take it at?
  4. You disrespect almost everyone you meet.
  5. Do you do your homework often?
  6. How many detentions have you gotten in your whole life?
  7. How do you feel about the school's rules?
  8. Your report card mostly looks like...
  9. Do you get grounded often due to poor success in school?
  10. Do you often get a long lecture on how success in school is important?

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Quiz topic: Do I care about school?