do yo know twilight?

So you think you know twilight? This quiz will prove if you are correct or if you are just filling your head with dellusions. If you haven't read all three books there is no chance for you to make it through this quiz.

I tried to make it as difficult as possible, but keep in mind that i'm not that creative. I'm the reader. I am not the writer. So I hope you enjoy the quiz and it isn't too easy.

Created by: kitkat

  1. what color are edwards eyes(before he's a vampire)
  2. danger magnet decribes which charachter?
  3. what is edwards mothers name
  4. where does edward leave his cell phone before he goes to italy in new moon
  5. what is the exception to alices visions
  6. what year did carlisle bite edward
  7. what century was carlisle born
  8. what did edward break when he left the room during the vote in new moon
  9. during the vote whos answer most surprised bella
  10. how many times does edward eat real food throughout all three books
  11. what is the exception to edwards power
  12. in which book does edward propose(just ask not get down on one knee)
  13. where does edward follow a false lead to when hes tracking victoria
  14. how far is the hike to the medow
  15. what color is victorias hair
  16. who tells everyone that hes taking bella to prom
  17. what color is bellas prom dress and where is it from
  18. why does bella punch jacob
  19. why does edward break the treaty
  20. whos funeral did charlie go to
  21. what is bellas favorite book
  22. what color are janes eyes
  23. who is victorias mate
  24. who kills riley
  25. what color shirt does riley steal from bella

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