Do u need Diapers/Pull Ups/Goodnites/Or normal underwear?

Some of us have bladder issues and others do not. You can take this quiz to find out whether or not you will need diapers, Pull Ups/Training Pants, Goodnites, or underwear.

alright... so btw, the last four questions do not affect your score. btw, the goodnites technically means only at night, unless for some reason you like wearing them at day.

Created by: Seth

  1. What do you naturally wear at day?
  2. What do you naturally wear at night?
  3. Do you pee or poo yourself during the day?
  4. Can you control your bladder?
  5. Can u resist the urge to pee/poo?
  6. Do u like wearing diapers?
  7. When's the last time you peed or messed yourself?
  8. How often do u pee/mess yourself?
  9. Did u like the quiz? (these last five dont affect results)
  10. You think u need diapers?
  11. You think u need diapers?
  12. Opinion on Sonic 06?

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