do u love huskies

I love huskies. I try to know everything about them and these dogs teach me so much too!!! huskies to me are by far the best breed ever. I couldn't imagine life without these dogs

huskies are dogs that are so beautiful. here are a few describing words- gentle friendly alert silly crazy fluffy awesome. I hope that you can score high because these breeds are awesome and I want everyone to love them

Created by: thedogexpert
  1. what is the height of the siberian husky
  2. which kennel club do huskies belong to
  3. balto the famous husky was born when?
  4. in a sled race what are the huskies in the back or the sled called
  5. what is the rarest variation of husky called
  6. what was balto's mushers name
  7. how much do huskies weigh
  8. what breed of dog is often confused for the husky
  9. huskies are the______ smartest dog breed
  10. what was the name of the lead husky in disneys the snow dogs
  11. what tribe do huskies come from

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